Synergy Campaign...


Under its new campaigns, Setur Marinas offers annual subscribers matchless opportunities. The most important among these matchless opportunities is that customers concluding an annual contract with any Setur Marina may stop over free of charge for 30 days each at other Setur Marinas. Under our campaign through which we offer the advantages brought by being a chain marina, our customers are able to stop over at any of our marinas of their choice free of charge for a total of 300 days - 30 days at each marina. These advantages we started in the first first month of the new year constituted a groundbreaking innovation in the sector, allowing Setur Marinas to perform active sales that exceeded even our expectations at the London, Düsseldorf and Tuzla Eurasia Boat Shows it attended during the first 2 months of 2018. Under the contract, our customers are also offered important advantages such as free additional time and road assistance.

Chain - Free Accommodation and 50% Discount in Moorage
When an annual contract is concluded with any Setur Marina, 30 days each of free accommodation at any other Setur Marina is offered with a 50% discount for the next 60 days of accommodation.
Win While You Travel - Additional Periods for Renewed Contracts
Setur Marinas offers up to 30 days of free additional time to boat owners stopping over at a 50% discount under the chain campaign, who renew their annual mooring contracts.
50% Discount in Road Assistance - Lift
The road assistance campaign offers free land and sea accommodation along with a 50% discount in lift services in the event that a boat having an annual contract with a Setur Marina needs to make a landing at another Setur Marina while underway.
Loyalty - Discounts from 2% to 25% According to the Boat Owner's Seniority in the Chain
The loyalty campaign offers discounts in annual mooring contracts according to the yachters years of seniority. With a discount rate set as 2% for each year spent together, it offers boat owners with a seniority over 10 years with a discount of up to 25%.
Shared Lift Use - Free Beaching Service
The shared lift campaign offers boats that have an annual contract with a Setur Marina, but that cannot be lifted at that marina for certain reasons, the opportunity of free land accommodation and lifting & hard standing services at another Setur Marina.

Boat for Sale - Free Lift Twice Before Sale, and Discount or Assignment of the Contract After Sale
The most comfortable marinas for boats for sale, the Setur Marinas offer yachters, who are under an annual contract and who wish to sell their yachts, free lifting and hard standing services twice during the term of the contract, and the right to assign their remaining contract term to another Setur Marina, along with a 50% discount in accommodation up to 30 days.
Contract Design - A Contract Fitting Your Personal Calendar
The campaign, Design Your Contract, offers yachters the opportunity to make annual contracts according to a tailored calendar at advantageous prices at any 2 or 3 Setur Marinas they wish.
New Unused Boat - 10% Discount in Annual the Contract and Free Lift
Setur Marinas offers yachters buying a new unused boat a 10% discount in their annual mooring contracts as well as the opportunity of taking advantage of the first lifting - hard standing and 1 month beaching services free of charge.
Convert your Daily Contract into an Annual Contract - Deducting the Annual Contract Amounts from the Annual Contract
Boat owners are offered the opportunity to convert their days of accommodation at Setur Marinas of up to 15 days into an annual contract. Also, the amounts paid for daily contracts are deducted from the annual contract price.
Win and Let Win - Those Providing a Reference for their Friends Gain Advantages.
When yachters who are under an annual contract with Setur Marinas invite their friends whose boats stop over at places other than Setur Marinas to sign an annual contract, they and their friends to whom they provide a reference win a free extension of 1-month.
Setur Marinas reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of campaigns at any time.