Human Resources

Human Resources and Vision

Our vision is to make our company the most preferred company by employees where employees are truly happy by supporting transparency, team work, initiative and innovation; achieving customer and employee satisfaction and maintaining it.

Human Resources Mission

  • Enable continuous development in order to adapt to the changing competitive environment in line with the company values, aims and strategies,
  • To be recognized as a reliable, efficient, competent and goal oriented team in meeting the requirements of individuals and the business,
  • Coordinate individual efforts on a group basis in meeting business goals,
  • To meet qualified staff requirement necessary for current and future business needs.

Human Resources Policy

  • Increasing staff happiness and motivation.
  • Ensuring constant development of staff and increasing their added value to the organization.
  • Increasing consciousness of quality and occupational safety and health.
  • Organizing widespread and ongoing training activities in the company.
  • Elevating domestic and international customer satisfaction to the highest level.
  • Developing team work moving from the idea that the results achieved by working together as a team are greater than the sum of individual achievements.
  • Transforming individual achievements into team achievements, team achievements into division achievements and division achievements into company achievements.
  • Regarding equality of male and female without discriminating about ethnicity and personel beliefs.

Social Activities

Below are some examples of the social activities we have realized:

For my country

Every year in May, various social responsibility projects are determined and undertaken within the framework of the Koç Holding “For my Country” campaign.

  • Outer wall construction and floor covering for the Bağlarbaşı Primary Education School (2006)
  • Renewal of PCs in the computer room at the SHÇEK Üsküdar Hasan Tan Nursery and a one day museum tour (2007)
  • Blood donation campaign (2010)

Vocational School - An Important Issue of the Country

The aim of the social responsibility project launched by Koç Holding jointly with the Ministry of Education entitled “Vocational School - An Important Issue of the Country” is to underscore the need for intermediate level personnel other than university graduates in various industrial sectors and to render vocational schools more attractive.

Starting with the 2006-2007 academic year, when the scholarships started to be granted, the goal is to provide 8000 scholarships in four years whereby 2000 new scholarship students will be added to the program during a four year period covering at least one vocational school from each province of Turkey. At the end of the seventh year, all of these students will have graduated.

Additionally, the project entails internship support, employment support as well as professional technical training support. Within the framework of the project, companies in the Koç Group are twinned with vocational schools providing education corresponding to their industrial sector.

In the 2007-2008 academic years, Setur provided coaching services to 20 scholarship students from the school for which it was responsible within the framework of this project.

Internship at Setur Marinas

You may contact our Human Resources for internship applications.

Phone: +90 216 346 23 46