Gökova Ören Marina

In the southwest corner of Turkey, boasting the most enchanting and famous coastline of Turkey and all Mediterranean, at the entrance of the Gulf of Gökova, a new marina is rising: Gökova Ören Marina.

The Town of Ören is located on the northern coast of the Gulf of Gökova, located 40 kilometers from the Milas district of Muğla. Leaning against a crag, the town situated across from the alluvial plains of Kocaçay. Today's Ören is built on the ancient settlement of Keramos.

Until the 1990s, the local economy was largely dependent on agriculture (citrus, sesame, tobacco, cotton, cereals), livestock, and textile (carpet, rug, silk, cloth, etc.) industries; slowly but surely replaced by tourism after 1990s with the development of tourism-oriented businesses including hotels, restaurants, yachting and entertainment facilities contributing to local economy.

The Gulf of Gökova is an inland sea with the highest variety of marine species in Turkey. As such, a portion of the local populace subsist from fishing. The Town of Ören has a population of about 4,500, increasing to around 9,000 by including the nearby villages. During the tourism season in summer, this increases to around 30,000.

The Town of Ören is under the influence of the Mediterranean climate. Average temperature throughout the year is 20°C, reaching 32-34°C in the summer months and rarely dropping below 10°C during winter days. Water temperature is around 22°C degrees during the season.

In addition to these developments affecting tourism, the construction of the Gökova Ören Marina was initiated by the General Directorate of Railway Harbor and Airport Construction, Ministry of Transportation, as a build-operate-transfer project in November 2012. The Marina, which will cover an area of 218,000 m2, will begin its operations by the end of 2015.

When the project is completed, the nation and Gökova will be enriched with the addition of a new marina. The marine will have a mooring capacity of 416, and a drydock capacity of 130, offering its services to yachts of 8 to 30 meters in length.

The Marina will offer the whole range of infrastructure required from a modern facility, including;

• 100-ton Travellift
• 10 pontoons with a combined length of 700 meters
• Med-mooring compatibility
• 860-meter main breakwater
• Through pedestals:
• Electricity 16-125A/220-380V, prepaid,
• Water, filtered, prepaid.
• Satellite-capable SMATV
• Sanitary units within easy reach for all yachters
• Accessible WC and Showers
• Laundry and dishwashing units
• Continuous shuttle service inside marina premises via golf carts
• Technical service workshops in drydock area
• CCTV, 24-hour security
• Stand-by generator suitable for uninterrupted services across the marina
• Uninterrupted water via a reverse osmosis plant
• Fueling berth
• Sewage plants
• Bilge and wastewater pump-out
• Multi-purpose firefighting and mooring boat
• Yacht lockers
• In the commercial area:
• General stores
• Cafes, bars and restaurants
• Shopping units

Gökova Ören Marina is located 59 kilometers from the Milas-Bodrum Airport, a 45-minute drive, while the Dalaman Airport and İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport are located 115 and 220 kilometers from the Marina, respectively.

The most popular destinations in the Gulf of Gökova, including the Seven Islands, Okluk Bay, Karacaören Bay and Sedir Island, are all located within 7 to 10 nautical miles of the Marina.