Midilli Marina Görsel içerik

Mytilini Marina

Setur Mytilini Marina, the 9th member of the Setur Marinas chain will soon be at your service.

Our marina situated in Greece’s third biggest island Mytilini, we have 220 in-water slips as well as 35 dry-dock berths on land.

Mytilini, is a Greek island with rugged terrain in the north-eastern Aegean. It is closer to Turkey’s province of Ayvalık than mainland Greece. It is the third largest Greek island following Crete and Euboea. Its capital is Mytilene. It is the birthplace of Greek poets Alcaeus and Sappho. Barbarossa Hayrettin Pasha was also born on this island in 1467.

It has the bays of Geras and Kallonis and numerous coves and promontories. The most important lowlands of the island are Kalloni, Ippion, Perama and Eressos. Its highest mountains are Olymbos, Lepetimnos and Psilokoudouno. Although rich in olive trees, the island is also full of pine, spruce, plane, chestnut and beech trees. The western part of the island is barren while the east is full of olives and pine..