As part of the 2018 Best Employers, we were awarded "Aon Best Employer"


We set sail for success and we achieved our goal! Aon Hewitt is a company which rewards brands that stand out from the rest with their Aon Best Employers program. As part of the 2018 Best Employers, we were awarded "Aon Best Employer" from 400 Turkish companies, and one of the best 18 employers in Turkey in terms of employee engagement, working experience, and work environment. ... (Click For Detail...)

Setur Marinas, will be at CNR Eurasia Boat Show on February 23 - March 3, 2019! Booth 2-A03.1


Setur Marinas will be at CNR Eurasia Boat Show with exclusive offers Turkey’s leading marina chain Setur Marinas, will be exhibiting at the 14th CNR Eurasia Boat Show in Istanbul on February 23 - March 3, 2019. In addition to offering special deals for the boat show, Setur Marinas will also share their 2019 campaigns with the visitors of the boat show, which hosts some of the leading figures of the world maritime industry and over 1500 brands. Setur Marinas will be in booth 2-A03.1 in Hall 2 ... (Click For Detail...)

Tuzla Boat Show 2019


We are waiting for our guests at our stand at Hall 3 D-72 in Tuzla Boat Show which will be held on 16-25 February. Don't miss our special deals!... (Click For Detail...)

Don’t miss our special boat show offers!


Setur Marinas are in 3 different boat shows in 3 different cities! Setur Marinas are attending 3 prestigious boat shows in December, January and February Don’t miss our special boat show offers! 8th-16th 2018 Paris 19th-27th 2019 Dusseldorf 16th-25th 2019 February Tuzla Istanbul ... (Click For Detail...)

Wireless internet access renewed...


Technological improvements were completed at the Ayvalık, Yalova, Çeşme, Kuşadası, Kaş, Marmaris, and Finike Setur Marinas. In our marinas, you can now connect to the internet faster, enjoy easy and secure access.... (Click For Detail...)

Setur Marinas launches new mobile app for enhanced cruising pleasure!


Setur Marinas launches new mobile app for enhanced cruising pleasure! The new mobile app of Setur Marinas offers users easy reservation option and immediate access to all campaign-related notifications. Turkey’s leading marina chain Setur Marinas developed and launched a new mobile app to improve the yachting experience for users. The website of Setur Marinas ( was also relaunched with a new face. The mobile app of Setur Marinas, with practical and user-friendly featur... (Click For Detail...)

It's Turkish lira time at Setur Marinas!


It's Turkish lira time at Setur Marinas! Setur Marinas are now starting to provide all our services in Turkish lira. For detailed information, you can call or visit our marina offices. ... (Click For Detail...)

Marmaris International Short Film Festival


As Netsel Marmaris Marina, we help support the 4th Marmaris International Short Film Festival, which runs from October 9th to 14th and will host many well-known directors, producers, actors, and leading academics from around the world. Events from the festival held at the Armutalan Culture Center, film screenings at Marmaris Cinemas, at the Marmaris Municipality Culture Art House, and open-air screenings at the Netsel Marina Shopping Center and public beach. ... (Click For Detail...)

Bodrum Cup...


Setur Marinas is proud to be a supporter of 30 years of passion, pleasure and friendship. The first stage of the Bodrum Cup will be the Four Season Hotel Bodrum Cup Istanbul Challenge on October 13th as 25 mega yachts from Bodrum will pass through Istanbul's Bosphorus. On October 22nd, the Bodrum Cup Challenge will continue at the American Hospital. ... (Click For Detail...)

We know that a life without obstacles is possible...


We know that a life without obstacles is possible. On October 4th, as part of the World Lions Services activities, with the motto “Our Route towards an Obstacle-Free life”, we’re happy that Setur Kalamış Marina will host 45 disabled people to give them a maritime education. ... (Click For Detail...)

The 9th International Arena Aquamasters Swimming Championship


From September 28th to 30th, the 9th International Arena Aquamasters Swimming Championship held in Bodrum. "The Setur Marinas 4x500 m Relay," for kids, for the first time, the "Arena Aquakids Swimming Event," the "Profile Open Water Swimming Endurance Half Marathon," the "Profilo Full Moon Open Water Swimming Competition," the "Hapimag Marathon," and the "Peugeot Open Water Swimming Championship" featured as the audience cheers them all on. AQUAMASTERS Spor Organizasyon... (Click For Detail...)

Dinghy and Trim Sailing


On September 22nd, the "Dinghy and Trim Sailing" event held at Setur Kalamış Marina, organized by the Koç University Sailing Forum with support from the Istanbul Sailing Club and the Tuzla Yacht Club.... (Click For Detail...)

Fixed exchange rate in Setur Marinas... 1 € = 6,25 TL


Fixed rate opportunity at Setur Marinas! Don't be affected by the changing exchange rate at Setur Marinas! Use our fixed exchange rates until September 15th! Setur Marinas reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the campaign.... (Click For Detail...)

The "8th Aegean Yacht Rally" organized by Setur Marinas was finished...


Participants of the 8th Aegean Yacht Rally attended by 30 boats anchored at Setur Kaş Marina as of August 5th. Having navigated for 31 hours, the sailors covered 190 nautical miles. Having been organized by Setur Marinas, once in every two years since 2000 the "8th Aegean Yacht Rally" took place this year between 23 July 2018 - 5 August 2018. While the opening ceremony of the 8th Aegean Yacht Rally was organized at Bodrum Marina, its closing ceremony was organized at Setur Kaş Marina after ... (Click For Detail...)

Setur Marinas' 40th Anniversary...


In 2018, when it celebrates its 40th anniversary, Setur Marinas offers boat owners matchless opportunities. Turkey's leading chain marina operation, Setur Marinas has identified the large campaigns it will carry out in 2018, bringing solutions to various needs. Continuing its operations at 10 marina locations in different regions, Setur Marinas offers matchless opportunities to boat owners under annual contracts. Within the scope of the new campaigns, those signing an annual contract will bene... (Click For Detail...)

Setur Marinas Joined at Tuzla Boat Show...


Setur Marinas made a huge impact thanks to the campaigns it offered at Tuzla Boatshow Eurasia, signing many new business agreements. Setur Marinas signed many new business agreements at Boatshow Eurasia organised at Tuzla Marina between 17-25 February. Setur Marinas's Chain Campaign, which offers boat owners 30 days free accommodation each at its remaining marinas if they sign an annual contract with its 10 marinas locoated in Kalamış/Fenerbahçe, Yalova, Ayvalık, Midilli, Çeşme, Kuşadası, Ne... (Click For Detail...)

SeturMarinas Boat Show 19 February 2018...


Setur Marinas has announced its services and special campaigns for 2018 in Tuzla Boatshow Eurasia. Kalamış / Fenerbahçe, Yalova, Ayvalık, Lesbos, Cesme, Kuşadası, Netsel Marmaris, Kaş, Finike and Antalya Marinas presented unique offers to boat owners. Setur Marinas celebrates 40 years in 2018.... (Click For Detail...)

Setur Marinas is attending fairs abroad ...


Don't miss Setur Marina's Boat Show opportunities Turkey's leading chain marina operation Setur Marinas attends the most important national and international exhibitions of the sector in 2018. Attending London Boat Show and Düsseldorf Boat Show between 10-14 January 2018, Setur Marinas introduced the services it provides to yachters as well the special opportunities is offers them. ... (Click For Detail...)