Setur Marinas saw great interest at boot Düsseldorf

Setur Marinas, the prominent brand that supports the growth of the marinas and marine industry in Turkey, saw great interest at boot Düsseldorf, the world’s most comprehensive exhibition organized on land. During the 51st edition of the exhibition that received thousands of visitors and exhibitors from nearly 80 countries on January 18-26, Turkey’s leading marina chain Setur Marinas offered special deals, introduced its 2020 campaigns and also featured a presentation on Turkish sea tourism. Setur Marinas, a leading marina chain in the Mediterranean Basin that comes to the forefront with more benefits compared to many other marinas worldwide, provided detailed information about its 10 marinas and 2020 offers to the exhibition visitors. Campaigns offered at the Kalamış/Fenerbahçe, Yalova, Ayvalık, Midilli, Çeşme, Kuşadası, Marmaris, Kaş, Finike and Antalya marinas, unique opportunities across the marina chain, special rates based on boat lengths and special discounts for the exhibition were received with great interest by the visitors of boot Düsseldorf. Emre Doruk: “Our marinas surpass world standards” Emre Doruk, General Manager, Setur Marinas, spoke about the exhibition season, “In keeping with tradition, we are once again in a busy period of exhibitions in the first quarter of the year around the world and in Turkey. We are delighted to see growing interest in marine activities and yachting in these exhibitions. We received great interest beyond our expectations at boot Düsseldorf, the first exhibition of this year. Our face-to-face meetings at boot Düsseldorf, one of the world’s leading exhibitions, demonstrated that the facilities and opportunities we offer to our guests who prefer our marinas are unparalleled in the world. Our marina chain app draws particular attention from both sailors and also industry professionals like us. As we always point out, we have not yet seen another example of this app that offers freedom to sailors. Our chain of marinas, each uniquely located along the beautiful Turkish coastline, enables us to promote both the individual marinas and also Turkey’s natural wonders. We are proud and happy to take part in the world's largest exhibitions with this important mission.” An annual contract with any Setur Marina opens the door to other Setur Marinas The marina chain app, which is not widely available for marinas around the world, was greatly appreciated by the boat owners that visited boot Düsseldorf. The marina chain app is an important feature that brings Setur Marinas to the forefront among many marinas in Turkey and worldwide. Meanwhile, Setur Marinas customers that take out an annual mooring contract with any Setur marina receive 30 days of free stay in the other nine Setur marinas along the west coast. This 30-day stay is valid individually for each marina, with 50% discount offered for moorings longer than 30 days. If the boat owners who benefit from 50% discount renew their annual mooring contracts, the days they paid for are added to their contracts. Higher discounts rates with multiple-year contracts Mooring at Setur Marinas for many years also brings benefits to boat owners. The discount rate, which is set at 2% for each year of mooring, reaches 25% for boat owners with more than 10 years of mooring at Setur Marinas. In the event that a boat on an annual contract with a Setur Marina needs to be lifted ashore in another Setur Marina, a discount of 50% is offered for the lift service as well as free stay at sea and on land. Setur Marinas also stand apart with their assertion of lifting all boats ashore since they provide boats – which are on an annual contract with a Setur Marina but unable to land park in that particular location – with free lifting & launch and land parking services in another Setur Marina as part of a joint lifting campaign. Setur Marinas, the most comfortable marinas for boats on sale, offers yacht owners, who have an annual contract and are selling their boats, two free lifts & launches within the contract period, and the right to transfer the remaining contract period to another Setur Marina after the sale as well as 50% discount in moorings up to 30 days. . Friendship benefits: Free 1 month extra Yacht owners who hold an annual contract receive free one month extra when their friends that moor outside the Setur Marina take out an annual contract with any Setur Marina upon the yacht owner’s recommendation. The recommended friend also receives an additional one month free when they sign the contract. Owners that purchase brand new yachts are offered 10% percent discount for the first year and 5% for the second year on their annual mooring contracts along with free first lift & launch and one month of free land parking. Yacht owners can also take out annual contracts at advantageous prices in two or three Setur marinas of their choosing according to their personal calendars. At its booth in boot Düsseldorf, Setur Marinas introduced many of its advantageous offers such as marina chain and loyalty campaigns to the visitors, and also provided details about the Setur Marinas app, which makes the lives of users easier, as well as the features of its website ( that facilitate access to a multitude of information.