8. International Aegean Yacht Rally

The 8th Aegean Yacht Rally organized by Setur Marinas took place between 23 July 2018 and 5 August 2018. The 8th International Aegean Yacht Rally, which has been organized by Setur Marinas since 2000, brought together the sea lovers again. The sponsors of the yacht rally of 2018, which contributes to the development of amateur yachting as well as cementing Turkish-Greek friendship, were AYGAZ, BEKO, EASTMARINE, EDWARDS, FORD, OPET and TÜPRAŞ.
The organization, led by Commodore Necati Zincirkıran, started on July 25 at Bodrum Milta Marina. Kos, Kalimnos, Nyros, Symi, Rhodes and Meis routes were followed and ended at Kaş Marina.