Setur Marinas continues its investments in Ören without slowing down

Setur Marinas, Turkey's leading chain marina operator, has started the construction of a brand new facility in the area while implementing new activities at Rib & Refit Park, which it opened last summer in Muğla Ören, providing winterization on land, boat maintenance and repair services.

Setur Marinas continues to offer solutions that will make life easier for sea enthusiasts with the motto " Set sail for new horizons". Rib & Refit Park, which started to provide winterization on land, boat maintenance and repair services in Ören last summer, is making major investments.

Croc Lift has now been added to the Travel Lift of Ören Rib & Refit Park facilities, which provides services with the assurance and quality of Setur Marinas. The new 240-ton Croc Lift, which started its operations at Rib & Refit Park, once again demonstrates the power of Setur Marinas in land parking services. While Rib & Refit Park continues its service of landing boats up to 25 meters in length and 6.3 meters in width with the travel lift, boats up to 50 meters in length can be landed from the 70-meter-long ramp with the 240-ton capacity amphibious lift. With the new investments, this amphibious lift is now capable of serving catamaran boats up to 12 meters in width. In addition, the 60-ton boat transporter in the machinery park continues its activities in the land area.

Rib & Refit Park offers refit space for boats up to 50 meters in the 2,200 square meter twin hangar and up to 30 meters in the 700 square meter second hangar on the land area. All the services that yachts may need such as painting, engine maintenance, mechanical, electrical, carpentry and fiberglass works provided by the workshops on the area are also available to guests at the facility.

The facility, which provides electricity and water service to all boats on the area with pedestals produced with the latest technology, also stands out with its security investments. While the entire fire infrastructure of Rib & Refit Park has been renewed with the latest investments, every point of the facility can be monitored with high-resolution security cameras.

The construction of a new facility is also underway at Rib & Refit Park, which combines land parking services that respect nature and comply with OHS norms with the quality of Setur Marinas. Rib & Refit Park, which will operate on an area of 22,000 square meters with this new facility, welcomes its guests with a capacity of 150 boats.